Peek-A-Boo Club
International Standard Pre-School

Play School in Wadala

We Aim

  • To set the foundation for a child’s future by giving him the right start for further emotional and educational growth in Play school in Wadala.
  • To provide the children with an opportunity to experiment with the various creative material and enriching playtime whereby they explore and learn through personal experiences.
  • To develop an appreciation for Nature, Music, Art & Life in general.
  • To develop Good Habits, Positive Attitudcs & Etiquettes, and a Sense of Responsibility in our Play school in Wadala.
  • To generate a very high curiosity level among the child which is the main ingredient necessary for learning, thereby teaching them fundamentals skills with a scientific outlook.
  • In the warm nurturing classrooms filled with inviting materials we help the children to blossom intellectually and socially.
  • In our Play school in Wadala¬†the students are encouraged to make choices, ask questions, try new experiences.
  • The well researched rich curriculum backed by professional and experienced teachers use a variety of methods and matMials to integrate learning so that ideas and skills flow from one subject to another.
  • Students develop an understanding of the relationship between disciples including science, nature, music, art, physical education, creative expression.
  • In Peek-A-Boo Play school in wadala¬†the computer is also used to enhance the teaching of many subjects.
  • With a high ratio of teachers to students, teachers can monitor each child and provide with enrichments programmes.
  • We plan projects for the development of the child’s self confidence and abilities.
  • Much of the learning is organized around various concepts and themes that children are able to easily relate.


Pioneered by a team of academicians, our main endeavor at Peek-A-Boo kids nursery in Wadala is to:

  • Set up a foundation for your child’s future, by giving them just the right start and experience needed not only for elementary school but also for the overall development of the child’s personality.’as an adult.
  • We at Peek-A-Boo kids nursery in Wadala recognize and appreciate the physical, mental and emotional needs of these children.
  • We at kids nursery in Wadala strive to provide an environment that will help these little cubs grow as the king of the jungle & face challenges and emerge victorious.

We Believe

  • Every child is unique and has his own capacity of grasping knowledge and therefore should be dealt accordingly.
  • Learning via Playway imparts knowledge through experience and is considered to be the most enjoyable way of learning in play group Wadala.
  • The artistic process of learning is more important than the product and should be made most interactive, creative as possible.

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